It started one day in November as I stood in the gym locker room listening to the usual banter than makes my skin crawl… women tearing each other and themselves down.  I smeared on my lipstick and went to do deadlift day.  At some point in the last almost two years of powerlifting, I started wearing lipstick when I deadlift by myself. It happened accidentally the first time, but there was something incredibly powerful pulling that 200-pound barbell off the ground and seeing myself lipstick’d in the mirror. But that gave me another idea as I heard them roll their eyes that I was putting on lipstick before working out.

Deadlifts and Lipstick was born of the notion that we need to build each other up as a society. Being a writer and artist, the best way I felt I could do that was through providing a space for other writers to share their stories.  Strong voices sharing the ideas and the notions that make us who we are and as a collective we are stronger.

My intent is not to exclude men; in fact, I’d encourage men to bring their unique perspectives, but the fact remains that I know far more women writers.  We tend to find each other. We tend to talk a lot about writing. We get caught up in what to write or the lack of inspiration. This collective is intended to keep inspiration afloat during a time that, to many, seems rather dark.

Stories keep us alive. Real stories create real change.

Be the change.

Peace, Love, and Ink… Nikki