It started one day in November as I stood in the gym locker room listening to the usual banter than makes my skin crawl… women tearing each other and themselves down.  I smeared on my lipstick and went to do deadlift day.  At some point in the two years of powerlifting, I had started wearing lipstick when I deadlifted. It happened accidentally the first time, but there was something incredibly powerful pulling that 200-pound barbell off the ground and seeing myself lipstick’d in the mirror.

The site had originally been a collaboration of other writers voices sharing experiences around a variety of topics. After a year, and with my diagnosis of a slipped disc that halted by ability to continue powerlifting, I no longer had the drive to continue pushing writers to contribute. In fact, I was trying to find a way toward recovery while working, trying to buy a house, and other life events.

After a major car accident briefly took away my ability to write, I decided it was time again to start over again. This time… just my stories, on my own time, my own way. Just like deadlifting.

Enjoy. Nikki.

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