Deadlifts and Lipstick

and everything in between



Saints and Sinners

Most of the women I saw in church wore lipstick. Especially funny as I recall a religion lesson once espousing the that it was women of ill repute who donned lipstick.  I never made the connection...

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I Do What I Want

I’m halfway through a therapy session when I have a sudden thought. I really want a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “I do what I want.” I want it so badly ... In my head they are code words for “Fuck you...."

Lipstick – a Short Herstory

From Cleopatra to today...


I am awkward and confident. I am quiet and outspoken. I wish to be invisible but yearn to be seen. Lipstick is a flirt.

Wear Red

I’m thinking about wearing lipstick today.

Channeling Chanel

Red lipstick is something that never, ever occurred to me. Red lipstick was something worn by models. Women with power. Harlots. But never fat girls in a Chicago Nordstroms staring down a mirror at Chanel.

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